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Pressing, Injection / RTM, Infusion, Hand laminating – an optimal method for each process


We can fulfill your wishes from prototype to series production


We provide customized solutions for all customer requirements!

Fiber composites as a combination of mechanically highly resilient reinforcing fibers and application specific resin systems can be configured according to your wishes. An advantage that conventional materials can not provide.

The required mechanical properties determine the usage of varied fiber types such as glass (eg E-glass / S-Glass), basalt fibers, aramid (eg "Kevlar" / "Twaron"), carbon fibers (eg HT / IM / HM) or hybrids.

Application-specific properties such as excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical insulation, impact resistance, UV / weather and temperature resistance, fire safety, acoustics or high requirements regarding surface quality influence the selection of the most appropriate resin system. Whether standard polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy or polyurethane resin – we will find for every application the perfect solution.

The numbers and the component size decide on the most cost-effective manufacturing processes and the associated tooling costs. Due to low form costs, fiber composites offer significant benefits in small to medium production sizes.



We are specialists in the development and manufacturing of fiber composites in the following production methods:




Pressing / Compression Molding

Series production of components regarding medium to high quantities. Components with high mechanical requirements.

Injection / RTM

Production of complex shaped parts regarding medium to high-volume, particularly concerning high optical requirements. One-Step injection/foaming-process to take full advantage of the lightweight construction potential.


Production of large components regarding medium quantities.

Compared to hand lay-ups significantly improved mechanical properties.

Sandwich structures to use lightweight construction potential with a maximum of bending stiffness and dent resistance.


Hand laminating / Hand Lay-up

Production of prototypes, individual production of large components or very small numbers with minimal mold-costs and modern impregnating equipment.

A short overview of the advantages of these production methods:

  • High process reliability

  • Short cycle times

  • High and very reproducible fiber volume ratio, due to this very good mechanical characteristics

  • Clean working processes

  • No workplace pollution

  • Sandwich processing in one operation

Furthermore, we can manufacture by means of the traditional hand lay-up method.